Friday, 13 February 2009

Another moan & saddened

I am very sorry but feel I just have to get this off my chest.........I am incredibly disappointed and saddened by some of my recent experiences in our tatting family.

I never realised until recently why I generally always lurked on the various tatting lists and groups - some of our friendly "family" are not so friendly as outward appearances would make them seem, unless apparently you are part of the clique. Obviously I am not part of this. Over the last 8 or so months I have tried to "speak" to a number of our "family" - and on various occasions I have been totally ignored - two different personal vendors (ie not businesses) have ignored totally, questions put to them which would have probably resulted in a sale (to their benefit); one other bothered to get back to me weeks later even though their blog was maintained nearly daily at that time; another individual replied eventually and asked me for snail mail details which I supplied and that was the last I heard of the matter even though it is over 6 months ago and I have sent emails since, which have all been ignored. I think what really upsets me is this has happened to me with at least 5 different people.

I fully understand that people have lives outside tatting and that often your hobby takes a back seat as my own experience in the SS exchange showed - I had to apologise to Karey through Gina that time had got away and only part of Karey's present could be sent before Xmas. I at least had the courtesy to explain my problem and apologise. My Secret Valentine tea towel partner has also had a problem and has apologised for the delay - I fully appreciate that apology and applaud their honesty - I just wish this attitude was more prevalant. All of this is, of course, not across the board and I have had almost immediate and genuine responses from others. I know this is not a phenomenon restricted to our family but it just upsets me that the few spoil and tarnish it for all.

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Gina said...

This isn't meant as an apology on anyone's behalf as I have no idea who you haven't heard from but I've made the observation over time that some people are so afraid of spam that they have their email programs set up to literally "junk" anything they have not deemed safe. And some email programs are better than others at sorting things out. I check my junk and quarantined folders daily but many people simply delete them. I don't find a lot in there, but maybe once a week or so, I find someone who shouldn't be there.