Sunday, 23 December 2012

Anyone know the source of these incredible images?

Hi all

While wandering around I came across these

Just have a good look at this and the rest of this truly incredible work!!

They are taken from this Russian post.

Having had a good look at the blog I think the blogger just post images or stuff from elsewhere - there is no source listed for the images above. Does anyone know where they come from? I really would like to investigate further.

All help & advice greatly appreciated


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Normal tranmission will be resumed shortly................but in the meantime..............

........I'll admit I haven't done much tatting in the last few months but have just completed a surprise for my facebook tatting group exchange partner -I can't even reveal it once I know she has it as I didn't photograph it before sending :(.

I know the following topic has been brought up before but I would like some feedback please.

One thing I have done recently has been have a good look at the tatting section on BellaOnline which is edited by Georgia now (previously Beverly & before that Gillian Buchanan). The bit that is causing me a problem is in numerous book reviews that have been posted.

I'll quote from a review of the Russian book by Анни, С.И. (Anni, S I) "Энциклопедия фриволите" (An Encyclopedia of Tatting) {link here} [I actually have this book and think that the patterns are lovely but agree that the photos are let down by the chunky thread]

"..........It is unfortunate that the "up" join is taught without a note about the preferred "down" join........."

This is just one instance of many where the review has criticised the book under review for teaching what I perceive as one of the traditional methods of tatting. I almost exclusively use the up join as I don't generally tat with the "right side/wrong side" method. If I am doing something that DEFINITELY needs a right and wrong side I will tat that way and use a down join but I feel that the reviews are trying to tell people that it is wrong to tat in the traditional manner. Don't get me wrong I love learning new techniques and attempting (sometimes not very well!) them myself & I will do anything and everything to an old pattern to avoid the tie and cut LOL!! but why should the traditional methods be seen as wrong? I think my whole gripe boils down to that one word in the quote ...."preferred"! My "preferred" join is also the up join - so am I committing a heinous crime?

Let me know how long my sentence for crimes against tatting should be LOL