Sunday, 9 December 2012

Normal tranmission will be resumed shortly................but in the meantime..............

........I'll admit I haven't done much tatting in the last few months but have just completed a surprise for my facebook tatting group exchange partner -I can't even reveal it once I know she has it as I didn't photograph it before sending :(.

I know the following topic has been brought up before but I would like some feedback please.

One thing I have done recently has been have a good look at the tatting section on BellaOnline which is edited by Georgia now (previously Beverly & before that Gillian Buchanan). The bit that is causing me a problem is in numerous book reviews that have been posted.

I'll quote from a review of the Russian book by Анни, С.И. (Anni, S I) "Энциклопедия фриволите" (An Encyclopedia of Tatting) {link here} [I actually have this book and think that the patterns are lovely but agree that the photos are let down by the chunky thread]

"..........It is unfortunate that the "up" join is taught without a note about the preferred "down" join........."

This is just one instance of many where the review has criticised the book under review for teaching what I perceive as one of the traditional methods of tatting. I almost exclusively use the up join as I don't generally tat with the "right side/wrong side" method. If I am doing something that DEFINITELY needs a right and wrong side I will tat that way and use a down join but I feel that the reviews are trying to tell people that it is wrong to tat in the traditional manner. Don't get me wrong I love learning new techniques and attempting (sometimes not very well!) them myself & I will do anything and everything to an old pattern to avoid the tie and cut LOL!! but why should the traditional methods be seen as wrong? I think my whole gripe boils down to that one word in the quote ...."preferred"! My "preferred" join is also the up join - so am I committing a heinous crime?

Let me know how long my sentence for crimes against tatting should be LOL



Jane McLellan said...

You're right, there should be no 'tatting police'! Can't see myself why one sort of join should be 'right' and the book has to be seen in context, in any case. I suppose if you're doing a book review you're saying that you're going to be imposing your opinions on it??

Jane Eborall said...

Well as a lifelong tatter and having spent most of that time in 'before internet' mode I must admit that the 'up' join was the only join I ever knew from old books. I'd never given a thought to a 'down' join as that is a 'slow down' join to me. As for where to use what - I now tend to do the 'right side/wrong side' method purely because it looks better when scanned but never think about whether to use an 'up' or 'down' join as it's natural to me to use the 'up' one.
I tat for pleasure - not for perfection.
Can we share a cell when we're imprisoned by the tat police, Trayna?

Trayna said...

Thank you your comments should that be "Jane's x2" or "double Jane's" or maybe even "ditto Jane" or "Jane ditto" ????
Glad to know I won't be in the cell by myself LOL
All welcome to share :)