Sunday, 22 January 2012

The promised shameless plug for Elgiva's book listing on eBay

As I said in my last post I would have a shameless plug for my book listing on eBay so here it is!

This is for the rarest of Elgiva Nicholl's amazing tatting books. It was published in 1959 and is SO before-its-time it is really incredible to think she was doing things like this over 50 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!

It really is very hard to find and the last one I remember seeing for sale (before the one I bought that is!) on eBay was Jane's one (over 2 years ago) that she posted about here & here. There isn't much point me giving much more info than Jane gave in her posts (it really is worth checking them out) as she really did cover it all - except to say that it is not a pattern book per se but instead gives instructions & ideas for various floral elements & in my personal opinion it is one of the most important books to own either for the serious collector or designer. I'm only selling this copy as I, very luckily, managed to get another copy.

As the listing says the book is in good to very good vintage condition - the covers have separated at some time and have 3 small strips of aged tape at the front and a line at the back, the very top & bottom of the spine have a split a little and are bit worn, and there is a supplier label stuck to the inside back cover but the inside pages of the book are in very good to immaculate vintage condition.

I haven't listed the Mary Konior duplicate as yet as I can't find my original copy!!! It is "Tatting in Lace" if any one is interested.

I have 3 more snowflakes to show but that is for a later post.


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Belated Happy New Year & Snowflake Challenge

Hope everyone had a very safe & prosperous New Year - ours was relatively quiet.

Perusing the blogs I came across Bree's post here about doing 100 snowflakes in a year and thought 100!!!!..........WOW that's alot, then thought oh, heck....give it a here we go

At no.1 we have Frivole's flocon from here (done in Lizbeth Spring Garden, I think)

At no.2 is a pattern of Wanda's that I was cheeky enough to ask for LOL - she mentioned it on this post (done in Lizbeth Cotton Candy)

Neither has been blocked and I don't think the background was the right colour choice.

No image of no.3 as yet but just to's another pattern of Wanda's but this time a new one that you may just get to see later on!!!

I've managed to get a few "new" books on eBay recently which are duplicates of ones I already own so there will be a shameless plug for them when I come to sell them in the next wee while. To mention a couple - one is a Konior book & the other Elgiva's rare one but as the replacements are not here as yet I won't tease you any further LOL.

By the way, anyone got any ideas about the previous post - all help gratefully received!