Sunday, 8 January 2012

Belated Happy New Year & Snowflake Challenge

Hope everyone had a very safe & prosperous New Year - ours was relatively quiet.

Perusing the blogs I came across Bree's post here about doing 100 snowflakes in a year and thought 100!!!!..........WOW that's alot, then thought oh, heck....give it a here we go

At no.1 we have Frivole's flocon from here (done in Lizbeth Spring Garden, I think)

At no.2 is a pattern of Wanda's that I was cheeky enough to ask for LOL - she mentioned it on this post (done in Lizbeth Cotton Candy)

Neither has been blocked and I don't think the background was the right colour choice.

No image of no.3 as yet but just to's another pattern of Wanda's but this time a new one that you may just get to see later on!!!

I've managed to get a few "new" books on eBay recently which are duplicates of ones I already own so there will be a shameless plug for them when I come to sell them in the next wee while. To mention a couple - one is a Konior book & the other Elgiva's rare one but as the replacements are not here as yet I won't tease you any further LOL.

By the way, anyone got any ideas about the previous post - all help gratefully received!



God's Kid said...

Fabulous snowflakes!! :)
Looks like you are off to a great start on your challenge! :)

tattrldy said...

Both flakes look good! I'm partial to the second one :-) I'll have to come up with a name for it when I get around to posting the pattern. Thanks for making my day by making it.

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