Saturday, 26 September 2009

How lucky we are.....

Sometimes something happens that makes you realise just how lucky you really are in the scheme of things. That happened to me tonight.

I have been mucking around on the computer brooding, because my DH came home tonight from the hospice after seeing FIL and said that he was doing a bit better today. Forgive me, but I just hoped it was the rally that so many people manage before the end. He is truly suffering now and I get so angry that if our 12 yr old dog (12 today even lol) was suffering like that we would have been able to take the kindest route before it got to this dreadful point. FIL finally accepted that the hospice was the best place for himself only on Wednesday after falling, not eating, going into diabetic crises etc etc etc over and over again and trying to manage by himself with just health visitors for months.

I was wandering around the blogs and from Sarah's blog I meandered onto anothers.

Now we may have, so far this year -

a stuffed washing machine

a knackered fridge/freezer

a broken oven

a blown-up computer

a car that sounds like a diesel when its petrol and will not pass it's MOT in October which will leave us car-less

and no money to replace any of the above

AND a FIL with terminal pancreatic cancer but we are still TRULY blessed and I thank GOD for all that we DO have.

Just have a read of Renee's blog and you will understand................

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Loads of Giveaways

There are at least 3 different giveaways on at the moment

1) You'll have to be VERY quick but Ginger at Bearbits in having a 25th anniversary giveaway of the most darling little bear called Peeka Boo - you can see him here

2) Sherry is continuing her Giveaway gala with this weeks prize being her Royal Diadem pattern - I'm going to be very good and not enter this one for two reasons - I have this wonderful pattern and I have already won a skein of thread. Musn't be greedy LOL!

3) And last but not least Aileen is having a Halloween Mystery giveaway which you can find here

Monday, 21 September 2009



THANK YOU SO MUCH SHERRY - I won a skein of Sherry's stunning HDT - now all I've got to do is contain myself until the postie brings it from the USA. Sometimes I think that carrier pigeon would be faster than mail from the US and other times it surprises me - I am participating in the InTatters postcard exchange. I've sent 10 and hopefully will get 10 back - so far I've had 3 back

1) from Barbara (tattabug) in NY, USA (Look at those stunning waterfalls)

2) from Kersti in Dublin, Ireland

3) from Maria (spuriportugal) in Cascais, Portugal (Maria also sent a couple of pages on history about Cascais and the local area!)

Sorry about the quality of the photos but you get the drift!

It is so nice receiving stuff from other countries and seeing what to those that live there are just every day things but to us are "exotic". I can't wait for the rest to arrive.

Next installment will hopefully be about Shirley's this space!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Way behind and Sherry's generosity

I am so far behind in updating this - so much to tell I don't know where to start, so I'll start with the obvious.............

Sherry's truly remarkable generosity! She truly is one of those remarkable people that don't come around very often - even though she has been going through a really tough time over the last while she still thinks of others!!!!!!!! Please visit her here and see her extremely generous giveaway