Monday, 21 September 2009



THANK YOU SO MUCH SHERRY - I won a skein of Sherry's stunning HDT - now all I've got to do is contain myself until the postie brings it from the USA. Sometimes I think that carrier pigeon would be faster than mail from the US and other times it surprises me - I am participating in the InTatters postcard exchange. I've sent 10 and hopefully will get 10 back - so far I've had 3 back

1) from Barbara (tattabug) in NY, USA (Look at those stunning waterfalls)

2) from Kersti in Dublin, Ireland

3) from Maria (spuriportugal) in Cascais, Portugal (Maria also sent a couple of pages on history about Cascais and the local area!)

Sorry about the quality of the photos but you get the drift!

It is so nice receiving stuff from other countries and seeing what to those that live there are just every day things but to us are "exotic". I can't wait for the rest to arrive.

Next installment will hopefully be about Shirley's this space!

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Fox said...

Congrats, you lucky woman!

Postcard trading is such fun; reminds me of being a kid doing pen pal stuff. Such a kick to receive pictures from people far away that you haven't even met!

Fox : )