Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Eye update

THANK YOU all SO much for your kind wishes - it's like a great BIG hug LOL.
Thought I'd do a short update for you - good news & bad news still...........
Good news - original hole is sealed & all good but
Bad news - is still a small amount of fluid present which may still relate to original hole but may also be another so minute hole that it can't be visualised even with their super-magnification lenses. Consultant is prepared to wait till next Tues to see if the remaining fluid is resorbed or not - if not I'll be back in theatre on Friday of next week for another operation :(
At least the "stay at a 45-degree angle with head tilted to right" position at ALL times except bathroom breaks & food has been relaxed but eyesight is still crap so excuse the mistakes lol.


Gina said...

Wonderful! Will look forward to hearing that the rest of the fluid is reabsorbed and you're doing great!

tattrldy said...

I'm glad there is some good news! Hoping to hear more good news soon. Then you can finish Anne's dragon wing doily: )

Randi said...

Am praying for your complete recovery.