Saturday, 23 May 2009

The promised pic's and bookmark exchange

As promised here are all the wonderful goodies that Aileen sent - firstly the tea towel itself.

Then there were packets & packets & packets of beads & sequins & ribbon.

Two wonderful threads.

And candy & chocolate.

This is the whole lot together - Wasn't I an extremely lucky girl!!!

Also I participated in the bookmark exchange on intatters - choosing to send and receive 2 bookmarks. My partners were Jenni in Australia & Kaira in Norway. I am very lucky that I have received both my exchange bookmarks - this very poor picture is of a stunning woven picot bookmark from Jenni (by chance she had done it in my very favourite dicontinued :( Manuela thread & white (I'll scan it later to post a better image). She even sent me the pattern!!!!
Jenni hasn't received mine yet so I won't post it as yet.

The other stunning one was from Kaira in variegated blues & white - isn't it lovely!! The pattern is here.

The ones I sent her was an adaptation of Iris' Eleonora doily as suggested by Marty (see here) and my own version of Ellen Lai's bookmark.


TattingChic said...

Hello dear Trayna! WOW! You really made off with a haul, didn't you!?! ;)

Those are some fabulous exchange items. I am TOTALLY drooling over Kaira's beautiful bookmark! I LOVE it! LUCKY, lucky YOU!

Oh, BTW, I got your beautiful tatted pieces yesterday! WOO HOOO! I will post them later this next week. Right now some new Split Ring techniques abducted me and taken me hostage! They won't release me until I finish posts on them, LOL!

csipkelelkű said...

Hi Trayna!
Thank you very much for the link of the Cecelia doily. You are an angel!

TattingChic said...

Hi Trayna! I'm back again to tell you that I did get your tatting posted on my blog today! :)

Come and see! :)

ancolie said...

fabulous exchange ! you all have good worked ;-))