Thursday, 28 May 2009

TattingChic's lovely post

I had to chuckle when I read Tatting Chic's post about the goodies I sent her - strickly speaking she is only half right (unknown to her!!!)!! It was "Scottish tatting" as in the fact it was executed in Scotland but if you are adhering closely to the defifition of nationality, it wasn't done by a "true" Scot - I hold dual nationality.

...I'll explain....I am Tasmanian (Australia) by birth and most of my upbringing but born to Aberdonian parents who had emigrated to Tasmania before I arrived. I was always brought up to the fact that I would go to Scotland to finish my education and then go on to a Scottish university so never questioned their reasoning (and I was an only child). My dad thought I was too young to go into boarding school 13000 miles away when I reached 1st year high school level (we are talking about the Australian & UK systems here) at age 11, so it was then decided that I would for my final 2 years of high school at age 16. In retrospect, this was a very good move as my Dad died during my first year in high school. So age 16 I was packed off to boarding school with weekends out with my family here [Mum and Dad's respective families had remained in Scotland - we or I (by myself at age 11!!) had been over on 3 previous occasions for Xmas hol's etc). The plan to be as I previously mentioned until my Mum found out that even though I had only ever held a British passport (got an Australian one later) I would be considered an overseas student at the Universities here and thus, expected to pay overseas fees of thousands of pounds per year. I had such a great time here that I was so upset when Mum told me I was going back to Tassie I hung-up on her!!! To cut a long story short(er) I returned to Tassie got my BSc there but couldn't get a permanent job, so rung my Uncle here a asked about the job situation here - he said great so I came (my Mum had come back to Aberdeen to live after she retired (I was a late child) but had also died very soon afterwards) - I got a job using my degree at the University of Aberdeen very quickly - met my "Scottish-by-birth" but army brat so no-Scottish-accent-either husband and the rest is history..........

As you can imagine though this leaves DS in a house with an "English" sounding father and a weak Australian-tiny-bit-Scottish mother, so needless to say he also doesn't have the local "twang"!! Here I am considered Australian and there I am considered Scottish!! - It's enough to give someone a personality complex, LOL!!

Thank you so much TattingChic & Jane in particular, but all the others as well, for all your lovely comments on their respective blogs - it really is appreciated.


Jane Eborall said...

So, basically, you're a mongrel!!!! What a super post. I really enjoyed reading it especially as I have a very dear friend who did almost the opposite of you and who now lives in Tassie!!!
Thanks for the giggle too.

TattingChic said...

LOL! That is a very complicated story. Sorry to hear of your parents' passings. Glad to hear you have a good job it sounds like. It sounds like despite the Scots' considering you a foreigner that Scotland has been okay to you!

I never been to any of those places, so there! :)

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Ha ha what a great post. I am a tad dissapointed that you do not have a Scottish accent as that is my very favorite accent in the whole world! But I have to say Trayna you are a very clever girl! I just received your wonderful package and I thank you so very much! What a wonderful, uplifting and unexpected surprise! If it is o.k. with you I will share it in my next post. Your tatted butterflies are just GORGEOUS!

laura_rose said...

Hi there,
You have to be part Scottish (or Irish) to love Tassie!! We are just a small part that escaped your part of the world (or so I am told) What a fun story - thanks for sharing