Monday, 28 December 2009


I'm sorry but I personally think this is truly WRONG.

How can someone claim this is a rare book when I can buy it new still for $5.99?


❦TattingChic said...

Oh, tell me about it! I've seen Mary Konior's "Tatting WIth Visual Patterns" as a USED PAPERBACK being touted for sale with a price tag well over $200!!! When you can get a NEW copy at handy hands tatting for...ummm...$20! Yeah, I don't thinnk so! Hello! I hope no one every bites that bait ever! I'm right there with you!

H J said...

Is there a regulation on eBay regarding deceptive practices? All eBay has to do is go to the Dover Books site ( for verification that this publication is still very much in print and definitely not worth more than 10 times its present value.

sewmuchfun4 said...

It's crazy! I looked around a bit and wasn't able to find a new copy for sale although it looks to have been published again in 2007. From what I found on Amazon, that ebay sale is a STEAL. They have a copy on Amazon going for $200. CRAZY! Plus did you see how they casually say that tatting is just a couple of stitches and EASY to learn!

I will happily stick with the BEAUTIFUL, FREE patterns which I can find online and the WONDERFUL, REASONABLY priced books which are available!

:) Ann

Gina said...

I agree. It's just plain insane. I like to think that anyone who has that much money to spend also has the sense to investigate further before buying.

Hope your arm is doing better! Bet you are dreaming up all kinds of things to make when you're back in the swing of it!

yarnplayer said...

Definitely a rip-off, but I'm not sure if there is anything that could really be done about it. Thanks for the alert!

Ridgetatter said...

This, unfortunately, is a common practice. I'd imagine one could find this book ~ perhaps, on
Amazon always has tatting books over-priced.
It pays to look around, do some research.

A truly rare tatting book can be worth a great deal of money; but not this one! I've paid a good price for a truly 'rare' tatting book; but, I knew the seller and I KNEW it was actually very hard to find!

It is really buyer beware! Know your seller, know the general prices of tatting books (they have all gone up because of printing and paper costs), know if it is a re print. That's why I prefer, when I can, to buy books directly from the designer.

XX Bev

Linda said...

I agree. I have this book and I paid $6.00 for it. I also have the Mary Konoir book and I got it from Handy Hands for $20.00 but I saw it on Amazon at the same time for like $60.00...You have to be careful who and where you buy from. It is definitely Buyer Beware! I hate that but you have to be smart now...take care and get that arm better quickly! Hugs, Linda

Vanessa. said...

I found a similar issue with one of Judith Connor's books that was 'out of print' that I had hoped to buy. was selling it for $99US

Fortunately Mark Myers informed me that it had been reprinted under a different title (Tatting Adventures with beads, shuttle and needle)

Sarah said...

Hi hon.. I think you are right.. I think I found you last year in the OWOH giveaway! So wonderful to reconnect with you!!
Hugs, Sarah

Whimsical Creations said...

That is crazy!

LilyTats said...

Well, here is hoping that no one will fall for it!

I personally prefer getting my books from reputable shops...

Maybe - the person who listed the book, is not a tatterer, so they wouldn't know much about it?

Maybe I'm just too nice and give the benefit of the doubt too often?
Thanks for the notice! ;-)