Sunday, 25 January 2009

One of those weeks

This week has been a total loss in almost every way - all of us have had dreadful colds, starting with DH, continuing on to DS & then finally me as well. I honestly don't think I have ever felt so bad as I did yesterday but am a bit better today.

As you can imagine it has not been conducive to tatting, so only a little of the edging done - I am now going to have to go like a steam train to get it and the rest done to be posted by the 1st.

The weather here has been pretty awful as well - raining (absolutely pouring some of the time) for most of the week and it has been cold and windy as well. What is it about the fact that rain is more bearable if it isn't cold with it? Unlike most of the rest of the UK we have only had very occasional snow flurries with none lying as the ground is too wet. This wee corner of the UK is strange as snow is lying in Aboyne which is only about 20 miles away but we escaped it?

I am going to try and finish updating my list of tatting books that is ever growing (but slowly) and may even give you some opinions about them too! I've also thought about some pictures of my shuttles but don't want to overload things - what do you think?


Dave Huddleston said...

this is the only place I could see to contact u...u r entered in my giveaway....good luck!

Sarah said...

Glad you are all on the mend!! Love your work - it is truly beautiful!! Wow 4th generation!!!!Thanks for stopping by my blog!!The dragon is one of the few I have kept - glad ya liked him!!!