Sunday, 4 January 2009

Tatting by any other name

Having finally put all (& more) back into my blog list, I thought I would add that quite a few I don't read just look at the pictures, as I am not proficent in Russian, Japanese, Chinese, etc. I can manage French & German at a push, but have learned to recognize the word "Tatting" in many languages, so I thought I would share all I can remember. Please correct mistakes and add any I've forgotten.

German - occhi, schiffchenarbeit, schiffchenspitze
French - frivolité
Dutch -
frivolité, frivolitet
Spanish -
Russian - фриволите
Chinese/Taiwanese - 梭子蕾絲
Japanese - タティングレース
Hungarian - frivolitás; hajócsipke
Finnish - frivoliteetti; sukkulapitsi; käpyily
Norwegian - nuperelle
Swedish - frivolitet
Danish - orkis
Polish - frywolitki, frywolitka
Estonian - süstikpitsi; süstikpits
Czech - frivolitky
Italian - chiacchierino


TattingChic said...

What a fun list. It's always good to know what the word "Tatting" looks like in other languages for shopping purposes, LOL!

tattrldy said...

I knew a couple of them but most were new to me. Great list! You have obviously been checkin' out the net to have found all those! Thanks.

connie said...

Wow thanks I found a ton of sites with beautiful,funky and inspiring pieces.