Monday, 25 October 2010


WELL - some people!

I had planned on showing you AnneB's dragonwing doily & my adaptation of AnneB & Debi's seahorse dragon but instead I find myself fuming!

A couple of things- I had put out some facebook friend requests to our tatting community & a number of people replied positively but one woman had the sheer nerve to actually send a message saying that not only was she was going to ignore my request but even though we had 13 tatting friends in common (including Georgia, Mark, Debbie, Dianna to name a few) that basically I wasn't good enough to be one of her friends but she hoped I wasn't offended!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not offended - WHAT?! Surely if a friend request is made that you don't want to accept you just ignore it not tell the person why "their face doesn't fit"?

This is not the first time I have come across this kind of elitism in our community & it saddens me so much (& gets me wound up too lol) because I thought the whole point of a community like ours was to help & share a skill we all have in common? But maybe I was wrong? Maybe you are only allowed to be properly part of that community if you are the RIGHT kind of person? Am I deluding myself into thinking I was actually part of a wider global family?

That leads me into my second point - only the stalwarts of my blog (you know who you are & I love you for it as I will delete the comments from the previous post) have left any feedback. My concept of feedback is both positive & negative - if you aren't interested please say so too - I don't have to publish the comment if you don't want or even send me an email. So unless only 5 people read my blog it would appear I obviously was barking up the wrong tree!

Rant over

Normal transmission will resume soon :)

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