Thursday, 2 December 2010

THANK YOU ALL & Swap anyone?

THANK YOU ALL who commented on my previous post - it is VERY greatly appreciated - I am not going to publish your comments but have taken the responses to heart - THANKS.

Anyone want to do a very quick Christmas swap? What with everything going on with my eye I never signed up for any of the Secret Santa's & christmas swaps with the various groups and I'm really missing it.
It would need to be done quickly as we are rapidly approaching the cut-off dates for overseas mail.
I had an idea for a shuttle, thread, few beads, maybe a pattern & a small tatted item but anything goes would be fine too.
Please let me know ASAP

PS My choccie box entry should be up and running tomorrow once I get hold of a camera that works LOL.

UPDATE: Thank you for responding to my request - I have 3 swap partners so that probably will be enough unless someone is really desperate

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