Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Miranda's Ice Crystal & various updates

This is going to be fairly graphic rather than wordy I think - I have a bit to show you all.

Firstly, I had the cheek sometime ago to ask Miranda if she had a pattern for Ice Crystal that stunning snowflake she first showed here. She very kindly gave it to me & asked if I would test tat it for her. I thought orginally (& still do) that this was one of the most realistic true-to-life tatted snowflakes I had ever seen and as such thought that I really had to tat it in white just to show the stunning simplicity & complexity mixed together (like a real snowflake is) if that makes sense.
I really loved tatting it but as Miranda says herself on the instructions it is not for the faint-hearted.

I thought I'd show you the conditions we have at the moment - the back garden

the back of the house

the side of the house

these each are about 6-8ft long and as thick as your arm!

The updates I need to do are AnneB's dragonwing doily done in a HDT that I got from etsy but it is supposed to be #30 rayon but tats more like #60 - #80 and is a bit fuzzy but I adore the colours and it just shows what 2 different backgrounds can do.

Then I adapted AnneB & Debbie's seahorse dragon to make a bookmark (in Lizbeth Jelly Bean) for one of DS's classmates Mum as she was so kind to take him to school when I couldn't drive.

DS then wanted one but I must say I am not impressed in this Lizbeth (March Breeze)- knobbly & not enamoured in the colours either

The bookmark recipient was then going to frame him so I said I'd do a proper one for her so we got this one in Lizbeth Caribbean.

I just thought I'd pop in one more of mousie without his jacket - Congratulations to Sharon on winning as well

Think that's all



Miranda said...

And I really appreciate you testing it!

Trayna said...

You are MORE than welcome Miranda - I loved it.

Fox said...

Miranda's snowflake rocks! And so does that hilarious little mouse!
Fox : )

God's Kid said...

All your tatting looks amazing! And I love the snowflake!!! :)

Arlene said...

That "Ice Crystal " is very beautiful. Nicely done!!

Lily said...

Everything is so pretty... especially love the colors of the dragonwing doily.

My favorite is the little Gus-Gus mouse.

Did you write the pattern down??