Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Dutch Tatting Books

I finally have a chance of posting about the Dutch tatting books I managed to find online. I paid for 5 and the VERY kind lady sent me six - the sixth is also a hardback book whereas the others are paperback books/booklets.

This is a pretty blurry photo of the first three - they are a "set" of books published in the 1940's.

The next is a book that I have seen in at least 3 languages - french, german & here dutch.

This is a stunning book that I hadn't seen before

And the free book was the following

I'll give you a quick tour of them - the first of the "set" of books must have been published in 1947 as #2 was published in 1948 & #3 in 1949. It shows the basics of tatting and has 22 fairly basic patterns starting with very simple edgings going through to more complex collars and doilies.

#2 continues from #1 with 18 patterns for again, edgings, collars and doilies involving more techniques including node stitch.

#3 doesn't seem to include any more techniques but offers 23 patterns for a butterfly, flowers, edgings, a bag, bow, collars and more doilies.

The hardback book "Frivolite Vroeger En Nu" which translates as "Tatting Past & Present" is by Sytske Stratenus published in 1977. It starts with some history and the basics of tatting before the first chapter of "Frivolite van Vroeger" (Tatting from the Past) with patterns for edgings, a motif and collars. The chapter "Frivolite van Nu" (Tatting from the Present" shows edgings, a brooch, glass cover, insertion and collar. The last chapter is on tatting with other techniques including embroidery and has patterns for brooches, letters and the decoration on a cloak done in wool tatting and embroidery.

The "Frivolites" book I find odd - simply as there are no written or visual (as we would recognise visual patterns today) patterns - it simply shows enlarged line drawings of the patterns and to do the item you would have to stitch count the line drawing and work out the order etc. No wonder it has appeared in many languages as there are a very limited number of words to translate!!! It has 60 patterns with all but 3 patterns for mat & 2 doilies being edgings or hankie corners. I would say it dates from the 1970's or 80's.

I think the last little book "frivolite-boek" is simply stunning. I think it dates to the 1950's but I'm not sure as there is not any thing in it that is easily datable. It also starts with a brief basics of tatting but then explains how to measure picots and how to do node stitch. It has 30 patterns of edgings, motifs, a bow, a jabot, a baby bonnet, corsage, collars and cuffs, insertions and some absolutely gorgeous doilies. The doilies appeal so much that after doing Iris's TIAS, that I had planned to redo in better colours and complete the whole doily this time, has been sidelined and I have started one of these instead. I have altered the pattern to include mock picots and split chains so I don't have to keep tying & cutting. Once I am a healthy way into it (or finished even) I'll post a picture.


Gina said...

Oh you lucky lucky duck! Hope to see your tatting from them!

TattingChic said...

Very, very cool! They look like absolutely fabulous tatting books to have! :)

***Jon**** said...

Lucky you! The books are fabulous find. I'm very sure you are going to enjoy yourself with them.

TattingChic said...

Hi Trayna! I just came back over to invite you to my party!

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