Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Last (?) installment of thread exchange & Valentine tea towel update

This is probably going to be the last installment of the thread exchange as I now feel that I am very unlikely to get the 5th exchange - it has been over 2 weeks since the last posting date and mail from the USA arrives here quicker than that (even if it is coming from the west coast area of Tacoma, Washington). So, I'll just have to chalk it up to experience and remember in future not to exchange anything with that particular person.

I'll post some pictures of the lovely ones I did receive - I'll do it in the order they were received.

1) A stunning pink holographic thread from Thread Art in colour 8154 was the first to arrive from Libby in SC (with an extra yard of pink Cebelia).

2) Next came the simply gorgeous custom 100% silk HDT (from Sherry) called "Karen's Halo" from Karen in OR.

3) On the same day, the wonderful silver metallic Oren Bayan thread from Jeff in SK, Canada arrived (and a pattern and a postcard).

4) And then last, but not least, the beautiful multicoloured DMC thread arrived from Patty in TN.

I truly have been spoilt and cannot thank my exchange partners enough for their generosity. My offerings in various variegated shades of mainly Coats seem very paltry in comparison.

Next on to the Valentine tea towel exchange that I posted about before - unfortunately I seem to have lucked out on that one also, as again nothing has appeared - I do know that the parcel was going to be late but it is now nearly 4 weeks since Valentine's day (& nearly 6 weeks since my own one was posted to Chile) - it was apparently coming from Singapore but as my numerous emails to the sender are not being answered (either by going into spam or being ignored) I don't even know when (or if) it was posted. Normally, something from Singapore would take around 8 - 10 days to arrive here if posted airmail.

Oh well, I suppose that is part of life, but it does so spoil the whole nature of exchanges.

On a truly positive note I got my Dutch books today and just to reinstate the generosity of some people, I bought and paid for 5 book/booklets and 6 (one being a hardback book) arrived - the hardback book was free!!!! Wasn't that simply delightful and SO generous of the lady - it has gone a long way in increasing again my faith in mankind. I'll post about them in more detail later in the week.

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TattingChic said...

Oh, that's too bad about your Valentine's exchange! Bummer! It sounds like you got some fabulous threads from the thread exchange that you participated in! Very cool! Enjoy your books! :)