Sunday, 8 March 2009


DS & I went for a run in the car on Saturday, up to the Falls of Feugh, near Banchory. This is a famous small waterfall area where you can see the salmon leap when they are returning upstream to spawn. We went to have morning tea at the restaurant and to see some incredible jewellery.

My friend Helen has simply the most stunning jewellery and gemstones and she keeps the prices well below high street jewellery prices by not having a shop (and thus no overheads) and only showing her jewellery at certain times or by arrangement. She is an internationally recognised gemmologist and manages to have really quality gemstones. I love to see everything that she has that is new and drool and dream for awhile - if only for an unlimited bank balance!!. But having said that she has items starting at about £15 or so - so something for every bank balance.

I'll add a couple of her images to give you a taster but her website, Just Gems, gives you a much better idea and is well worth a visit. She is happy to take commissions if anyone is interested.

This is a art deco Sapphire and diamond ring in 18 carat yellow gold and platinum.

These are the most unusual cufflinks you will ever see! They are naturally occuring and filled with liquid oil!
Cufflinks of natural doubly terminated quartz crystals with hydrocarbon inclusions, from Baluchistan, mounted in 9 carat white gold.

Aren't they just incredible!!!


TattingChic said...

Wow! Those gems are stunning! Can you imagine having something so beautiful! I am loving that art deco Sapphire ring. I checked out her gallery...GORGEOUS! :)

Sarah said...

Oh they are stunning! I loce the ring!! I would love to have somewhere to go for tea! It's all coffee around here!! I do love coffee -- but a nice tea place would be nice too!!