Monday, 27 April 2009


I just can't seem to get motivated at present - but I am doing the teeny tiny things for my winner's - 2 people's are finished but the third is still plodding along. They just seem a bit TOO teeny tiny!!! I want to send all the pressies off at the same time so no-one will feel overlooked - I apologise for my tardiness.

Monday, 13 April 2009

We're back...........

........we had a great but tiring few days. We saw Honda's ASIMO robot on the Sunday just after we arrived - DS loved it!

On the Monday we started at Edinburgh Zoo which is a HUGE complex on a steep hill - DS absolutely loved it even though he hadn't been keen to go initially. I walked him up and around that hill for 6 hours, then we did a walking tour of the Vaults underneath Edinburgh's South Bridge and in the early evening a walking Ghost & Gore tour which was more history and "jumpy-oots" (people dressed up a characters from the history who jumped-out at appropriate times). As you can imagine when I got him back to the hotel at 9pm his head hit the pillow and that was that!!!

Tuesday started with the 3D Loch Ness experience, which I wouldn't bother with if you had to pay for it (it was part of our 2 day Edinburgh Pass so we didn't pay); then onto the Camera Obscura, which again DS adored. Finally we settled on going to the Butterfly & Insect World as DS thought that our original plan of going to the Edinburgh Dungeon would be a bit scary. The butterflies and moths in particular were incredible - one moth had a wingspan of about 40cm (16")!

Then Wednesday we didn't have planned, just wandered round and looked at various things until we caught the train back to Aberdeen.

Now I'm going to bore you silly with a few of the 356 photos I took.............
ASIMO going upstairs & ASIMO dancing

in order of photos (I told you I'd bore you!!!!LOL)

1) Greyfriars Bobby
2) Edinburgh street near Greyfriars Bobby
3) Kirkyard of Greyfriars
4) Another Edinburgh street
5) Chilean Flamingoes
6) Scarlet Ibis
7) Khuli Hog Deer
8) White naped Crane
9) Black Stork
10) Painted Hunting Dog
11) - 14) Steller Sea Eagle - truly stunning!
15) Ring-tailed Lemur
16) Pygmy Hippo
17) Oscellated Turkey
18) Can't remember its name!!!!!
19) Red River Hog
20) & 21) Eastern Bongo
22) Swamp Wallaby
23) Chinese Goral
24) Gelada Baboons
25) Asiatic Lioness
26) & 27) Ratel or Honey Badger
28) - 31) Amur Leopard - such a poser!
32) & 32) Jaguar
33) Addax
34) Koala with red-eye!
35) Kookaburra
36) Chimpanzee
37) Buff-cheeked Gibbon
38) Otter
39) DS with a Corn Snake
40) Rockhopper Penguin
41) - 43) King Penguins
44) - 46) Penguin parade
47) Gentoo Penguin
48) Bush Dogs
49) Barbary Macaque
50) L'Hoests Monkey
51) Dik-dik
52) Hammerkop
53) A cow's *&£ in the Cowgate
54) & 55) The Vaults
56) - 64) Various views of Edinburgh
65) St Giles Cathedral
66) The Camera Obscura
67) - 74) Various Butterflies
75) Moth
76) Gecko
77) Terrapins
78) Tarantula on MY hand!!!!!!

If you are still awake - CONGRATULATIONS - you deserve a medal!

I'll elaborate further later.