Sunday, 2 March 2014

Aero England's, Milward "Made in England", "Aero" made in Germany & other "Aero" shuttles

Following comments on the "Tatting Shuttle Addicts" group on facebook I've finally decided I had better update the blog finally & to do it with a post about shuttles.

As I have made no secret of in the past - my absolute favourite shuttle is the original Aero shuttle or the Aero/Milward "Made in England" bobbin shuttle. Jane has a very good post here about Aero's but I had disagreed with what Barb had told Jane about the age of the shuttles & said I'd post piccies which I never got round here goes

This is one of the original "Aero England" shuttles still in its packaging

There appear to be 4 variations in the pacakaging

And this is an Aero "Made in England" in its packaging

And this is a Milward "Made in England" in its packaging (this is the only packaging variation I have found)

A "made in Germany" in it's packaging

And a black "made in Germany" with its plastic hook in it's packaging (apparently they were totally useless but I can't comment as I have never opened the only one I have)

This is the "Made in Germany" once they dropped the "Made in Germany" bit

The original Milward in various guises, in order of age based on packaging

The name "Milward" still appears to exist in Australia as these have been available recently

A really unusual (to me anyway but maybe not to others) Prym Milward-lookalike in its packaging complete with hook

And finally the many "wannabe-aero" variations

If anyone has a spare Bernat or Semco like those pictured still in their packaging I would be very interested in possibly purchasing or swapping.

Just out of interest, there does appear to be some variation in the original Aero England's as this shows - these are 2 of my everyday working shuttles and you can see the difference in colour (it isn't really as greenish as this photo appears - just a different shade of grey) & length of hook