Sunday, 1 November 2009

GRRR............& I am SO very lucky


I have Kaspersky Anti-Virus running on my machine with daily updates and still I managed to pick up a virus!!!!!!!!!! Why am I paying over the odds for broadband which includes anti-virus when the d****d thing doesn't work?

It has been an extremely annoying 4-5 days because this sucker was smart - when I tried to install malwarebytes to get rid of it the evil thing knew and wouldn't let me install the exe file!!!!!! So the forum told me to download it on a clean machine - that would be fine if I had another machine but as the desktop blew up months ago I only have the laptop and it was the one infected. We don't have internet access at work so I was casting about to try and find a solution. Light dawned - I would phone my computer expert friend in NC and ask him. No answer, strange, normally not a problem getting in contact as long as I remember the 5 hour time difference. Anyway, leave a mesage and wait. Phone call next day from my friend Betsy, his wife, he is in hospital!!!!!!!!! Well, I'm glad in a way, according to my Mum, "not good" things always arrive in threes - FIL being 1; uncle being 2 I had been wondering what 3 would be so now I knew and at least this one wasn't terribly serious. It did put me in a jam though - what do I do now?

In desperation I phoned my cousin who knows a little about computers and asked him to email me the file - but NO that would be too clever - wouldn't it? Yahoo won't let you send an exe file by email! But unfortunately the telephone doesn't work the other way round apparently as I sat there like a lemon waiting for the email to come.

So I phoned again and he said he would burn it to disc - Oh please save me from too-smart-for-their-own-good young (just past teenager) men. He decided he knew best and had dowloaded the installation files instead so exactly the same happened - the exe file wouldn't install. So yet another phone call - this time spelling it out in words of one syllable "I just want the b***** exe file"!! We are now in day 3 since I first contacted him! And I ended up going round and standing over him as he burned it to disc to ensure I got the right thing.

Success - the exe file works but hours and hours later I now have 47

YES you read it right

47 infected files!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course it took more time to fix but the end is still not here as on reboot it tells me I have "bad image" files!!!!!!!!! Your guess is as good as mine as to what that means. In reality what it means to me is I now have to download Hijackthis, run it (which again takes forever) and fix one line.........................

WORKING COMPUTER - YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But all of this means I am effectively offline for 5 days! Withdrawl symptoms extraordinaire LOL.

To change the subject for the better...........

I AM SO VERY LUCKY.............

I WON Wanda's giveaway ...........


and then I won one of the runner-up prizes from Aileen too............


I am SO excited I can't contain myself LOL! Poor postie he'll be lynched when he comes with me impatiently waiting for goodies to arrive! But wait I'll probably have to do as we have more mail strikes expected this week as well :(

I am so lucky to have such good friends online - you will never really know just how much your kindess means.

PS Marilee is also having a giveaway - have a look here