Sunday, 26 July 2009

Thank you kind people

Thank you all for your help with facebook - it REALLY is appreciated - I'm now spending far too much time there, lol.

My last butterfly arrived and I will post some piccies soon. I am also about to start the new design-tat course - so I'll hopefully have more to show you soon.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Anyone up for a new non-tatting challenge?

Having resisted joining facebook for some time I finally relented a couple of days ago as a friend has been pestering me to play a game - Farmtown. Of course, if you like that kind of thing (& I do) it is addictive! Now I need friends in facebook to become my neighbours - even if you don'y intend to play - if you just start a farm we can be neighbours! Of course because I have ignored facebook for so long I only have a couple of friends in it and now need more - Any takers?

Reading this back it sounds so pathetic - I'm not really begging! LOL

Saturday, 11 July 2009


LOOK what I found in OUR garden last night - isn't it just adorable! WE already have squirrels (but unfortunately grey ones not red) and now we have a hedgehog too!!!

Just look at that little foot! Unfortunately the flash scared it so I'll have to be much more careful in future!!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Butterfly piccies

Okay, 2 butterfies have flown this way across the Atlantic, the last got off to a latter start but should be here soon.

I got this beautiful one from Jenna in Canada with this card as well and a note.

And this stunning one came from Nancy in MA along with this beautiful card.

Now I have a problem - I can't remember for sure which butterfly I sent to whom!!!! I think the following are right but I'm not certain. I will also show all 3 of my butterflies as they were all posted together and should have all arrived by now.

This went to Vicki in TX, I think! The pattern is one by Kerstin Kall on the Swedish site frivolitesknuten but doesn't seem to be there now.

These went off to Jenna in Canada. The first is Ruths one from her book and the other Ellen's.

And these went to Nancy in MA. The first is Christels from here and the others are doodles.

Sorry about the picture quality but I was rushing to get them away in time.

Monday, 6 July 2009


I've finally got caught up with myself again! I was frantically trying to finish 3 butterflies for the intatters butterfly exchange - the piccies will have to wait as as yet the recipients haven't received watch this space! And also my DS has just finished P4 so I had 2 gifts to make for his 2 teachers.

First I tatted some earrings based on this post from Krystle and Jane's post here. Thread is Lizbeth Jelly Bean.

And then I did one of Karey's snowflakes (fish tales) from her book "Let it Snow". Thread is Lizbeth Caribbean

I am SO annoyed - before I started on the exchange butterflies I was working on my own butterfly design but quickly realised that it was far too complex to be made in time for the exchange (loads of clunies and other things)- so I put it down and did ones for my three exchange partners. Now, I've finished I thought I'd go back to my butterfly - can I find my drawing? NO! And boy am I p****d! I was really happy with it (the first time this has ever happened with my own design) and thought that maybe I could even go so far as to publish this one! I have the actual tatting that I had started but cannot find the drawing with the actual noted stitch counts on it. I had only done 3/4 of one of the 4 wings when I stopped so cannot even recount as more than a 3/4 of the pattern is just missing!!!!

Anyway on to more pleasant thoughts........look at what I found wandering about with "タティングレース" in google

look at this doily

Isn't that simply stunning!! If you look at the categories section (カテゴリー) on the left and then into "編み物" which incidentially translates as "knitting" you'll find the tatting and see some other stunning pieces.