Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Optimistic or fantasyland?

I couldn't help but be quite shocked by the following 2 items I've just found on eBay

1) earrings #1 - now at today's rate of exchange €150 is approx. £128 or US$210!!!

2) earrings #2 - and the cherry on top - €180 or approx. £153 or US$253!!!!!!!!!!

Now I realise that what we do is a time consuming, intricate and skilled craft but surely this is just being ridiculous? I personally would expect real gold and precious gem earrings for those prices! Surely there must be a happy medium between "over the top" and unrealistic pricing and so cheap it devalues our craft.

I'll also apologise if I have offended the creator of those earrings but this is purely my personal opinion.

Please voice your opinions as I would really like to know the general consensus about pricing.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

A better shot of Jenni's bookmark

I was just about to upload a better picture of the bookmark Jenni sent to me but I found this one that she took herself and I couldn't do better than that so here is the link

Now you can see what I meant about the stunning woven picots!!!

UPDATE: Just realised that you may not be able to see the above if you are not a member of intatters so here it is as well with the relevant info as well.

From: Liyarra
To: Trayna
Pattern: Jen's Woven Picot Bookmark
Designed by: Jen Chioatto
From: Australian Tatters Guild - New South Wales Branch newsletter 2001.
Thread: Manuela variegated 204 - size 20 and white Coats Mercer Crochet - white size 20.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The rest of the bookmark exchange

As I now know that Jenni in Oz has received her bookmarks I'll post the relevant pictures..........

This was adapted from an edging pattern I found on a Russian site (don't have a link handy - to be truly accurate don't even know if it is still active!)

and this was Ellen's butterfly bookmark from Georgia's site (this time as written and not fiddled with by me, LOL!!)