Monday, 28 December 2009


I'm sorry but I personally think this is truly WRONG.

How can someone claim this is a rare book when I can buy it new still for $5.99?

Monday, 14 December 2009

Secret Santa update & Vic's bribe

Now that I know that Nancy has received her Secret Santa from me I can post a couple of pictures of what I sent to her.

This is the SCMR Snowflake 2 by Sally Magill on the ROT site here - I just added some beads.

This is a very poor photo of my adaptation of Ellen's December paperclip pattern from Georgia's site here

I also sent her some of the large paper clips as I found them really hard to get hold of, some beads, a ball of thread and a calendar.

In answer to Vic's bribe (see here) my favourite Christmas tatting pattern (thou I haven't done it this Xmas & can't do it now ;( ) is Jon's Rings Only Snowflake with beads here
The photo is Jon's

Must go

Saturday, 12 December 2009


just back from the hospital!!!!
would you look at what they did to me!
and i have 6 glorious weeks like this to boot so no tatting........big :(

sorry about the lack of capitals but can't reach one handed lol. got hit accidently by one of our heavy metal cash drawers at work (in sub-post office) on wednesday - it hurt but you can imagine the queues at the moment so kept going - hurt more on thursday and by today (friday) absolute agony so decided i maybe better get it looked at - wish i hadn't bothered..............i don't know whether to be appalled or proud of myself for 2 days at work with an untreated broken radius?

see ya for now

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Finally I've caught up with myself LOL

As the heading says.... finally I've caught up. I had 4 Secret Santa's to do (my own fault for thinking I could get 3 done for the intatters exchange and 1 for the tattinggoddess exchange). I LOVE doing them but always worry - have I put enough in?, or too much? I don't want the recipient to feel either slighted or guilty about what they sent to their own partner. I'll post the pattern links and photos once I know the recipients have got them.

Now onto the AMAZING giveaway present I got from Wanda. I truly was lost for words as just one of the items would have been more than enough. As Wanda has shown in her blog here. - she sent me the most stunning doily done in Lizbeth Falling Leaves. It is based on her Arches over Arches doily that she blogged about here.

There was also a ball of Lizbeth Falling Leaves thread and a shuttle.

A great mug and a box of tea for Tatting Tea Tuesdays - only going to be used for extra special occasions as it is far to nice to risk for everyday use.

Three (yes - 3!!!!) books - two tatting ones and a lovely little photo book all about Kansas. The tatting ones were Martha Ess' Holidays on the Block and Just Tat by Michelle Goldsborough - neither of which do I own so I've been spoilt rotten.

And a bag of Hershey's choccies- yummy!

I really can't say a big enough THANK YOU to Wanda

Enough for now - take care