Friday, 30 December 2011

What pattern is this?

Going back through old blog posts I found this

No-one at the time seemed to know so I decided to ask again - does anyone know of this pattern? It is possibly from one of the Japanese pattern books. I really would appreciate some help finding it if at all possible.
Thanks in advance


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Another of Bearbits wonderful giveaways

Bearbits does the most stunning little bears & as she often does is having another giveaway here - this time for Bouton.

Please go & visit & just see her stunning bears.

Monday, 26 December 2011

MERRY CHRISTMAS - look at these stunners!

Hope everyone had a safe & very MERRY CHRISTMAS.

While wandering around I came across these

- aren't they just stunning! The site they are from is here.

Monday, 20 June 2011 something to say!

or even a few somethings LOL.

I have some tatting to show & a shameful plug as well - but to start off.....

Has anyone seen this? - truly hilarious but WARNING it is NOT for the easily offended

Now let's move on to tatting - you'll have to excuse the lack of blocking & finished ends but just thought it was about time I said something!

First on the list is Miranda's "Crazy Daisy" (see here) which I loved doing & even learnt to do daisy picots without any hassle! Can't find the image just now but will post ASAP. Thank you SO much Miranda for your wonderful patterns.

Next came the Valentine bookmark from here
done in a Floretta thread

Then I decided to try some patterns from my more obscure books & booklets - so from this booklet

came this with a couple of minor adaptations to modern tatting methods

in Lizbeth Juicy Watermelon

Then came this

in Lizbeth Spring Garden

from this Russian book

By now I was on a roll so we moved to this German booklet

for this
again in Lizbeth but now Spring Flower

And finally I am in this process of doing one from my Mum's booklet

but as I haven't finished it you'll have to wait.........

I also made a pair of Yarnplayers Quadrille earrings which I modified slightly but don't have a picture as they were a pressie that got given before I thought to take a snap.

Now on to the shameless plug - I currently have a couple of shuttles & some patterns on eBay if anyone is interested - here in a link for one of them

Hope it won't be so long next time